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Diocesan Courses and Bible Studies at All Saints


During the last twelve months we have shared four courses. Three of the courses have been biblically based.

  1. Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth Bailey

We met over breakfast in the Birinus Room to discuss some of the great parables that Jesus shares with us. The parables we looked at were The Good Samaritan, The Rich Fool and the Great Banquet. Following the study, we shared a simple Mass. Kenneth Bailey has for 40 years taught the New Testament in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Cyprus. Bailey attempts to take people back to 1st century understanding of how these wonderful texts would be understood then and looks at how they might be understood now in the Middle East. The Western reader is challenged to discuss the meaning of the parables in the 21st century. This study has brought new insights for our discussion group and in Lent 2019 we are sharing sermons on some of the texts with the help of Bailey’s work.

  1. The Acts of the Apostles

Following Easter 2018 we decided that it would be helpful to study the apostles’ missionary journeys following the Resurrection. Using Tom Wright’s ‘Acts for Everyone’ and James Harpur’s ‘The Journeys of St Paul’ we looked at some of the incredible missionary stories found in the Acts of the Apostles. We discovered the powerful message of Resurrection and transformed life had swept through the early followers and spread throughout the world. Equally exciting was the discovery that we are part of that adventure as followers of Jesus today.

  1. Diocesan course written by the Bishop of Oxford Steven Croft on ‘Exploring the Beatitudes’.

Bishop Steven challenged us to think about living ‘Christlike’ lives. Using three key descriptions of the church, A Contemplative Church, A Compassionate Church and A Courageous Church we discovered how the Beatitudes share us in our Christian mission.

We shared how a contemplative church community needs to spend time with God listening and discerning his will for us. We discussed the need to be a compassionate church community that shows sympathy and concern for others. I am thrilled to say that people from All Saints through for example ALLsorts, Larchfield Open Table, Street Angels, Maidenhead Care and the Cox Green Social Lunch do this practically.

Finally, we were challenged to think what being a courageous church might look like. Courageous people are states, Bishop Steven ‘people that are whole-hearted. To be a courageous church means to put our heart and soul into everything we are and do’.

Year of Mission

Over the last twelve months The Church of the Good Shepherd, St Luke’s and All saints have been offered the opportunities to experience Rough Shod Riding Lights acting company. Young people presented the bible stories in a contemporary way to encourage us to be actors on stage not passive viewers.

This was followed by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity that challenged us to think about how we live our lives 24/7. For some this made them think about how they lead their lives at work and make brave and courageous decisions to stand up for others.

We enjoyed the wonderful John ell from the Iona community who uses his gift for music to encourage and nurture others to sing the psalms that speak out for justice in God’s world. All these component parts of mission help us to be that Courageous Church.

More information can be found on the "Year of Mission" pages which can be found here.

  1. London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

This course called ‘Fruitfulness on the Frontline’ is an 8-session course for disciples who want to make a difference where they are. How can we share God’s love and wisdom with the people we meet in the places we usually find ourselves? We looked at just one of the studies but we look forward to returning to this course in the near future.


Thank you to everyone at All Saints for sharing the courses but importantly too for those people who live the Christian life in a practical way.

Fr Jeremy