All Saints Boyne Hill, Maidenhead

Easter Services 2016


Our talks through Holy Week are based on the book ‘The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything’ by James Martin SJ


Palm Sunday 20th March

  8.00 am          Holy Communion with Distribution of Palms
10.00 am           Palm Procession and Parish Eucharist with Address by Fr Jeremy


The Service begins in the Parish Centre and processes to the Church


  4.00 pm          Family Stations of the Cross followed by hot cross buns.

  6.00 pm          Sundays at 6 : Stations of the Cross


Monday in Holy Week 21st March

  7.30 pm          Eucharist with Address by Elizabeth Bryson on Ignatian Contemplation .   Allowing God to speak through our imagination.


Tuesday in Holy Week 22nd March

  7.30 pm          Eucharist with Address by Fr Neil Bryson on finding God in our lives through the Examen.


Wednesday in Holy Week 23rd March

10am and 7.30pm Eucharist and Address by Fr Jeremy on Using Scripture to draw us in to relationship with God


Maundy Thursday 24th March

7.30 pm            Eucharist of the Last Supper and Gethsemane Watch with address by Fr John Chadwick, Roman Catholic Priest to the Travellers.


The service is followed by the Watch until midnight.


11.50 pm          Night Prayer


Good Friday 25th March

10.00 am           Morning Prayer and The Litany

11.00 am           United Walk of Witness in the Town

3.00pm          The Passion of Christ with Veneration of the Cross and address by Fr Neil Bryson.


An hour at the Cross. We focus on the Crucifixion with Readings, Hymns, Reflection, Prayers, PASSION John 18.1-19.42, Veneration of the Cross, and Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, which is brought from the Altar of Repose.

The Service ends around 4.00pm. Hot Cross Buns will be served at the back of the Church.


Holy Saturday 26th March

8.00pm           Easter Ceremonies, lighting of the Easter Fire  and First Mass of Easter followed by Easter hospitality


The service begins in the Parish Centre. The new fire is kindled, the Paschal Candle lit and brought into Church, for a festival of light, the Exultet is sung, Baptismal Vows are renewed and the First Mass of Easter is celebrated.


Easter Day 27th March   -  Alleluia! Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

  8.00 am          Holy Communion (BCP) – preacher Fr Jeremy Harris

10.00 am           The All Age Parish Eucharist with Procession during which the EasterGarden is blessed.

The preacher is Fr Jeremy Harris, Vicar of All Saints.