Sep 30th 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

We begin the next Pilgrim course looking at The Beatitudes. In the introduction to the Pilgrim Courses handbooks we read the following: ' If life is a journey what difference does being a Christian make?

Well , the journey of life that ends in death becomes a holy pilgrimage that ends in life. Christians believe that in Jesus, God has walked this earth before us, and that with Jesus as our companion and guide we can travel through life differently. We can live and travel as pilgrims. we set our sights on God's kingdom of justice and peace; and as we journey home to God, the pathway of our life becomes more meaningful and joyful and the world a better place.'


Please sign the sheet at the back of the church if you would like to share in this course for the Christian Journey.


Alternatively, if you are unable to do this please contact the Parish Office who will add your name to the sheet.