Parish Giving Scheme Direct Link for One-Off and Regular Donations

Posted by R.Broad on December 6, 2023

The Parish Giving Scheme has set up an All Saints page to enable easy one-off and regular donations - click through for the link and QR code.....

All Saints Church relies upon the generosity of our congregation and supporters to fund the running and mission costs of the Church and also to maintain the operations and building.

It costs All Saints approximately £2,500 per week to maintain the current level of parish activity  -  without the generous time freely contributed by our volunteers this cost would be much more. Major repairs and replacements always also necessitate a separate fund raising appeal to enable these to go ahead.

If you feel that you can assist and help support All Saints financially, with either  a one-off donation (via card)**, or, most beneficially, set up regular giving by direct debit - this can easily be arranged on the All Saints Page on the Parish Giving Scheme site, accessed from the top section of the website, and also directly at the link below:-


All Saints Page on the Parish Giving Scheme - Click Here - alternatively use the QR code:-


Boyne Hill All Saints QR.png

The Parish Giving Scheme collects donations on behalf of All Saints Church – 100% of the donations by direct debit are received by All Saints Church, (less card charges when using a credit or debit card) along with, where applicable, the Gift Aid reclaimed on the donations which is collected by the Parish Giving Scheme on All Saints behalf and hence reduces administration needs.

Please also consider if you can support All Saints Church through donating time and talents – the Church relies upon our teams of volunteers to operate and provide services to the community.

Thank you.

NB:- One-off Donations can also be made via the card machines in the Church, or via the collection bag.

**:- There is no need to either sign up or join the PGS to make an on-line donation via the Parish Giving Scheme

 A download pdf file containing this information is available by clicking HERE